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- exchanging knowledge & wisdom between british and swiss women, inter & non-binary artists through empowering bespoke coachings.


*FINTA is an acronym for women, inter and non binary

FINTA* Music Exchange is an empowering initiative designed to support aspirational Swiss FINTA musicians taking their first steps towards the UK. Centered around The Great Escape festival in Brighton, the yearly program offers a transformative experience for emerging artists, providing them with insights into how the UK music industry works and how to best use a showcase festival to their advantage.

Through tailored coaching sessions turning into valuable networking opportunities, FME aims to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to elevate their craft, amplify their presence, and pursue their passion with purpose.


The UK music scene is a tough, coveted and ever-evolving space.

FME’s primary outcome is to empower, support and connect creative people and foster mutually beneficial collaborations within the music industry.

The programme helps Swiss artists make invaluable contacts and be as prepared as possible for their intial ventures into the British music scene. 


By exploring professional best-practices and highlighting what targeting audiences in the UK market would entail FME facilitates potential first steps towards the UK by equipping the participants with suitable initial mentors. Through a series of personalised coaching sessions, participants can align their long term goals with a more nuanced understanding of the British music market. 

Not only do we want to connect through the sharing of knowledge but we aim to connect the right people - people who will feel mutually inspired.

behind FME

my name is tatjana rüegsegger and i am a music strategist & project manager with over 15 years of experience in the music industry (ch/uk).

past roles have included cultural strategies, production management, booking, music photography, marketing & communication and tour management.

special thanks goes to pro helvetia for funding the project.


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